Bandung Hash House Harriers

What are Hash House Harriers and what is a hash?

Hashing should not be confused with running. Hashing is for people who want a good workout (in our case mostly in the mountains around Bandung) and afterwards, enjoy the company of others. The BHHH+ is mainly a social event, with good outdoor exercise thrown in. You’ll see things that you’d normally never see any other way in Bandung!

A hash or run (even though we call it a run, running is optional – many of us just walk) consists of several parts:

  • Before a hash, hares mark out a trail using paper and/or chalk. Trails can go through rivers and valleys, up mountains and through the kampoeng (villages), across bridges and through the rice paddies.
  • At the appointed time, the hashers (runners or walkers) gather at the starting point.
  • The hares give the so-called chalk talk, giving details about the run.
  • The hashers set off, following the trail marked by the hares. Hashers may run, walk, shortcut, or avoid trying to follow the trail. Good runs contain checks, where hashers have to put in extra effort to find the trail.
  • A good run is where the front running bastards (FRBs) are able to work up a sweat, and the dead fucking last (DFLs) can catch up to the FRBs.
  • When all hashers have reached the end point of the run, there will be a circle, also called the on-in. A circle is a social event during which we sing songs (silly, dirty or both), drink beer (or soft drinks for those so inclined) and make fun of others (so a good sense of humour is essential!).
  • Every hash has a Hash Master or Hash Mistress, appointed for a period of one year or more, who is ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the hash and who usually leads the circle.
  • There are no rules on the hash except the rules set by the Hash Master or Hash Mistress. Also, there is no justice on the hash!

Getting curious? Then don’t wait and join one of the Hashs

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